At Citadel, we are always striving to make improvements. From our innovative therapeutic programs to our state of the art medical services, our goal is to provide an unparalleled standard of care.

When we receive letters of appreciation from family members, it lets us know that the hard work of our dedicated staff is appreciated. The Kingsbridge team is always thankful for the feedback!

The following is an excerpt from an email that was recently sent to us:

I wanted to circle-back and acknowledge the excellent service and care that was given to us by the staff at Citadel for the 5 intense months that my brother was in your care. 
Shailyn stands out on the last week of my brother’s residency as the consummate support with keeping the lines of communication flowing.  Shailyn was totally dedicated and should be acknowledged for her diligence, consistency, and professionalism during the discharge process.  Because I am in another city, (DC) and because I am of course not familiar with the process, I did not feel alone, Kaitlyn made me feel that she was there with me as my “boots on the ground.”  I appreciate her help guiding me every step of the way. 
And, last but not least, Genera (?) stepped into a pressure timeline to close out my brother’s in Citadel’s system the day of the discharge, picking-up with Shailyn left off (she was out that day) and making sure that my brother’s departure was seamless.  I applaud Genera’s tenacity, the way she stepped in, was focused, and kept her composure, while demonstrating professionalism, as well as heart-felt words of encouragement and relate-ability throughout the discharge process.  Both my brother and I was nervous and there was lots of tension around this next very big step.
I wanted to take the time to say thank you to Ashley, Shailyn, and Genera (?) and thank you to all of the staff at Citadel that support my brother getting back home.  This is Week 2, and so far he is happy to be home and seems to be navigating well through this next chapter in his begins the process of adjusting to his new life.

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