At Citadel, we are always striving to make improvements. From our innovative therapeutic programs to our state of the art medical services, our goal is to provide an unparalleled standard of care.

Join us as we reflect on an eventful month!

April began with a holiday craft session in honor of Easter.

Crafts included paper rabbits, Easter eggs, and color-by-numbers which covered the walls throughout the month!

One of Citadel’s residents had a personal birthday party hosted by the recreation staff.


Family & friends visited to help make the day a special one!

Glee Club has weekly meetings and attracts new members all the time. 

Members of the club all take votes on which songs they’d like to sing and take time throughout the week to meet and practice.

Happy Hour Karaoke is always a program that gets residents excited. 

Anyone can participate and choose their favorite song to sing.

The slow, gentle movements of tai chi are ideal for relaxing and getting a low impact workout in the process. 

Practiced for hundreds of years, Tai Chi is a very calming practice, especially when Nicola is leading a session.

Ayton leads a few great programs at Hudson Pointe. One of the most popular of these is our Law & Order program.

This program allows residents to play the role of law enforcement and investigate a crime using fictional cases inspired by the TV show. 

Recreation staff recently chaperoned a trip to the movies to see the newest and latest. Residents enjoyed the experience while eating popcorn and other snacks.

Our recreation team made sure to choose the theater with the comfy seats!

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