At Citadel, we are always striving to make improvements. From our innovative therapeutic programs to our state of the art medical services, our goal is to provide an unparalleled standard of care.

Join us as we reflect on an eventful month! 

There were plenty of tasty treats at our last bake sale.

The menu included cupcakes, donuts, cake, cookies and more! 

We like to have some fun with activities like Chair Volleyball while listening to music in the background. 


This modified version of volleyball allows everyone to participate even from a wheelchair. 

 Student volunteers from a local public school recently joined us to spend some time planting small crops and flowers.


Everybody was excited to see how their seeds had flourished and cannot wait until they start yielding crops! 

We marked the start of our annual BBQ season with a big kickoff fiesta. 

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We enjoyed delicious Mexican food and watermelon slices while relaxing in the sun. 

The slow, gentle movements of tai chi are ideal for relaxing and getting a low impact workout in the process.

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Practiced for hundreds of years, Tai Chi is a very calming practice, especially when Nicola is leading a session.

 To celebrate Father’s Day, we held a day-long concert honoring all the fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers at Kingsbridge. 


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Family and friends spent time visiting and joining in on the fun throughout the day.

Christian service is held regularly at Kingsbridge. 1

The group joins in prayer together and listens to gospel music

Residents had a nice afternoon on the town with a trip to the local Chinese buffet.

We concluded our month of fun with one of our many summer BBQs.




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