At Citadel, we are always striving to make improvements. From our innovative therapeutic programs to our state of the art medical services, our goal is to provide an unparalleled standard of care.

Join us as we reflect on an eventful month! 

As August comes to a close, our staff can look back at this Summer with a smile, knowing we did everything we could to enrich the lives of our residents. And what made this August different than the ones before? Well, this Summer, we focused on celebrating music.

Having a life rich in song has been shown to reduce signs of stress and depression in older adults. Plus, residents get to come together and socialize, comparing favorite artists and sharing memories brought back by their old favorite songs.

So this month, we decided to expand on Karaoke night and opened up new events where our residents could gather together and sing along.

Early in the month, residents gathered together to sing and jive to classic jazz songs.

Studies report that listening to Jazz after a stroke improves verbal memory, focus, and mood. Relaxing jazz has also been found to inspire creativity and promote better sleep patterns.


Yes, we took requests! And a popular hit among residents was ‘Blue Train,” by John Coltrane.

The music celebration continued when we hosted Latin Rhythms with Marcel!image7 Residents of Latin descent sang along in their native tongue, while non-Spanish speakers hummed along, taking in the sounds and excitement in the room. 

Glee Club with Mr. Graves allowed residents to come together in song while expressing their own creativity.



Each resident played an integral part to the performance, helping them secure a sense of purpose and a unique identity. 

We stepped a little outside the box for this popular event, Balloon Swat with Music. Residents and staff rallied together, using foam noodles to pass around balloons. What a workout!


Everyone worked together to keep the balloons in the air as long as possible. So we broke up into teams and had some friendly competition.

When asked for music suggestions, residents overwhelming requested Jazz songs from our recent performance. They hummed along and shared laughs while getting a great upper body workout.

The fun continued during our August BBQ as residents soaked up the sun and reflected on this month’s music festival. We watched new friendships form as residents discussed the greatest artists of the era 


Our month of celebrating music came to a close with a karaoke night and our August Birthdays. Residents sang with more soul than ever before. 

Music will continue to play at Kingsbridge. We welcome you to come dance and sing along.

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